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last update: monday 26 december 2005: the first cirque was inspiring, see the minutes

If you share your money nothing will be left, but if you share your happiness it will multiply.


Life is energy. We are people of living energy. Living means our energy looks for a path that suits her. In other words: our energy moves but always in a different direction. If you fail to be in contact with your self you can't possibly feel where your energy wants to go, your life will be without direction. Someone wanting to feel but not able to will ultimately feel isolated. This is the core of our societies fear.

Afraid of searching. Many people don't dare to admit that they can't find their selves (supposing this is easy), afraid of what others will say. They hide their incapabilities by stating that their energy should listen to them instead of the other way around. Fortunately(?!) for them most other people think the same way, for the same reason of course.

A goal is like a straightjacket. That's why people set goals for themselves. Apart from the fact that such a person doesn't listen to his or her energy by setting a goal (s)he forces his or her energy into a straightjacket thus prohibiting his or her energy to flow where it wants. Inevitably this will result in problems because that energy wants to follow a different path. Control is their answer. This kind of fear is omnipresent in our society.

Our new world. We believe that our energy by it's very nature wants to flow in the direction of a beautiful world. It is this world that we want to create by freeying and bundling our energy. Free energy is the essence of real freedom.

Our new economy. You are what you do, so we don't want Cirque l'Inspiration to be just a set of ideas but instead conrete action. We believe our economic interactions are a mirror of our spirit. For this reason we want to form an economy of care and cooperation.

You are Cirque l'Inspiration. If you want that. The essence of Cirque l'Inspiration is our energy.

Many of us direct their energy to achieve their goals. The crux of Cirque l'Inspiration is that we ask our energy:

"Energy, where do you want to go?"

To understand whether the answer we observe is correct we use purity as criterion:

"Is this correct? Does this really make my energy flow?"

This is easier said than done. For example: it took me 10 years before the red Porsches disappeared from my dreams that prevented me from seeing what really suits me.

Therefore Cirque l'Inspiration consists of two mutually inspiring streams:

(A) We represent our dreams as jigsaw pieces

Each of us imagines his or her dreams and we ask our selves whether these dreams really suit us. Take care! Dreams that don't actually suit you will be exposed at the same time both without any settlement and in love. We will represent each dream in the form of a jigsaw piece (not necessarily materially).

(B) We join our dreams like jigsaw pieces

While representing our dreams we join the jigsaw pieces together. Looking for spaces to fit your jigsaw pieces into feeds your dreams. The jigsaw pieces together form the Big Picture.

The idea behind Cirque l'Inspiration is quite simple: some of us dream of a new world. Together we can realise that world. We don't need everybody to join, we need enough people. The point is to find each other and to work together. Thus we will form a critical mass capable of realising this new world. By world we don't mean the geographical world inhabited by 6 billion people but the union of all the people materialising this new world. The two streams help us to realise this new world.

Cirque l'Inspiration is like a dynamic jigsaw puzzle. Each dream is a jigsaw piece in that puzzle. To lay the puzzle we need to discover (A) the jigsaw pieces and (B) the puzzle, the reality they form together. That reality is being discovered and formed and evolves while we are going there. Our dreams evolve likewise thus better suiting our selves and fitting into the dynamic reality. The junction of our dreams makes this reality into a canal for our energy.

The two streams interact to inspire us. Looking at the puzzle being formed we gradually discover on the one hand how to meaningfully fit our dreams in and on the other hand which jigsaw pieces are needed. This is the balance between the questions "What can I add?" and "What is necessary?"

21 december 2005: the first Cirque l'Inspiration

The first Cirque l'Inspiration took place at 21 december 2005. These were our plans before we started:

During this first Cirque l'Inspiration we work together in the two streams. Several workshops will create the space where we can represent our dreams and fit them together.

There is no fixed program yet. We want to make this first Cirque l'Inspiration together with you, so please submit your suggestions. We already have the following (in dutch).  

If you want to prepare yourself the best you can do is to relax and forget about everything that you still have to do. Listen to your heart and enjoy what comes up.

End of the announcement, this is what really happened:


We were with 11 people and we cirqueled between 14:30 and 21:30 with a large self made dinner round 6 o'clock. The following attracted my attention:
  • Unlike we are used to Caroline and I didn't really make any plans in order to execute these under our control. Instead we listened to our intuition and asked ourselves whether what we did was pure - in the end we didn't do much more than just bringing up this site and notify some people we thought might be interested. That was somewhat scary because nothing works out well of it's own accord, right? We learned that if we listen to out intuition and tune into purity everything works out well of it's own accord.
  • By explaining on this site in simple terms what we wanted automatically the right people joined.
  • To the participants the cirque in the first place was an encounter with people who, just like themselves, want to be led by purity.
  • This first Cirque ended up being a thorough introduction round. The first part "What makes your energy flow?" consisted in turn of two parts. During the first half an hour the participants in silence created an image (be it in writing, painting or an object) of what makes their energy flow. Using these images each of the participants introduced themselves by explaining what makes their respective energies flow. This introductory round took all afternoon until dinner. After cooking and eating we answered the question "What do you need to make your energy flow?"
  • It was clear that we want to go on and so we decided to reconvene in the beginning of spring.

The next Cirque l'Inspiration

We want to organise another Cirque l'Inspiration for all those people who weren't able to attend the first time. If you are interested aswell please call or write to:
If you want to organise a Cirque l'Inspiration yourself please tell us your experiences. We collect the experiences here to serve everybody.

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