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the metagame

it seems this already exists as arg

the metagame is played by a group of people

all the metagame necessarily needs is a flipover and a working permanent marker with the following text written on it:

RULE 1: all rules on this flipover are in force

when starting the metagame it can be efficient to answer one or both of the following questions

  • TYPE: what type of game do you want to play?
    • you could eg choose from this list:
    • role play
    • board game
  • PURPOSE: what is the purpose of the game? or more precisely: what do you want to model, like:
    • power balance
    • efficiency in taking decisions

when evaluating it can be of interest to answer the following questions

  • which rules stayed implicit?
  • in particular: did the following rule appear on the flipover:
RULE [some number]: RULE 1 is in force

whenever you have played a game please email your results to me including

  • answers to the TYPE and PURPOSE questions (if any)
  • (a photograph of) the flipover(s) with the rules that came into force

instead of beginning "from scratch" you can also start from a readymade ruleset. shortly a list of standard rulesets will be available (with the help of your feedback).