samenwerken door openheid
ontwikkelen naar harmonie


during the past years i worked on the synopsis of a feature together with several people. i am still to find a producer. for the moment you can find the synopsis here.

the feature is about fear and how our society is shaped and controlled by fear. i embarked on this project in the summer of 1999 when the world was still relatively innocent and people were working on their future.

i wanted to approach that fear with humour. that's a wonderful way to dissolve fear, like in la vita e bella. and so i put in several humouristic elements, a bit like how jonathan swift portrayed his time in gulliver's travels.

the most surprising element in the development of the synopsis to me is the fact that many of the elements that i thought of as humour in the synopsis a few years later became reality. in a very serious way.

yet another approach to theme and material is: make one story viewed from two or more perspectives like love, hope or fear, ie each scene is played twice or more, each time from one of the perspectives. the audience can choose for each scene seperately in which way the story is told. like in a game of tit for tat the audience can choose to to perceive the story from a fearful or loving angle and she can experiment with alternative actions.