samenwerken door openheid
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million happiest people

if you share your money you will lose your money,

if you share your happiness you will gain happiness

so this place is devoted to the million happiest people on earth. on this site happy people (soon more than a million!) share with you their happiness.

you are invited to share your happiness too!

name happiness



happy at last! i gained happiness by choosing to experience my world as a place to learn - be it joyfully or cumbersome

i share on a basis of responsible mutuality. this means that i feel responsible for what i can share to let it florish, like my happiness. so i don't just give away, i give to people that will responsibly use my gift.

practical things i can share with you (among other things) are:
  • you are welcome in my house - as long as the family can bear
  • information system development knowledge
  • mathematical knowledge
  • i am also inclined - though still a bit hesitating - to share my car with you
the reason i started this list was a combination of astonishments:
  • there are all kinds of rankings like richest and most powerful people in the world
  • you can also buy lots of books on how to become rich or suxessful quickly
  • there are loads of books and courses to work on yourself
  • and of course i was nearly trapped by all these like many of us
  • until i realised that i don't need to be rich to be happy and that i can experience my world as a place to learn