samenwerken door openheid
ontwikkelen naar harmonie


i can start from my dream
i can also start from the observation that daily 25000 people die of hunger while there is enough food in this world for everybody and we have the logistic means to supply everybody

what i see is that peole don't take each others concerns/desires into account
the neoliberal dogma is that if everybody only takes his own concerns into account that everything will work out fine for everybody (they say this is what adam smith said - i doubt that)

i believe that some people don't want to take others into account and so they are happy to believe that smith tells them they don't need to
other people are simply driven by fear, they don't trust the other (here fukuyama had a good point)
banks now have proven this fear is correct

the point with neoliberalism/capitalism is that it is a winner takes all game
all you can do is either beat them (ie: beat the whole system) or join them
and joining means that you need to get control over all our resources (the monopoly game is a wonderful model)
which is why growth is necessary in this system
and fear has a realistic basis (given the finiteness of our resources infinite growth is impossible)

so what we have to do is:
we need to have the guts to trust each other and share
now it's nice to be able to distribute the work necessary in a reasonable way and money can be of great help there
i suggest to take a currency that is backed by labour in stead of by gold: a eureka (as opposed to a euro) entitles one to claim labour (as opposed to gold)
the problem with gold is that there is only a finite amount of gold and it's practically useless

now how can i trust 6 billion people in this world?
i propose to start a grass roots movement consisting of smaller trust circles
and these circles can unite
within your circle you know the people and you know how much you can trust them
the circles themselves interact with each other also on the basis of trust, but the extent of trust can be smaller, still enough to make interchange possible

i propose openness as the means of facilitating this process
people, circles and organisations are open about everything, their finance, their processes, their policies
this gives a way to audit sharing but moreover it gives the possibility to inspire each other in this truly open source econoomy
dialogue will be a principal construction element of this cooperation, based upon this openness
in this dialogue we discover what we really think is important and we will strive for that

it is important to understand how this model resembles the current organisation of our economy and where it differs
this difference should make the need for growth superfluous
then fear is no longer necessary and we have a basis to trust each other (this looks like a circulour argument)

so i want to team with people who can, want and dare to trust and share

Keywords: openness summary trust