samenwerken door openheid
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Play yourself

Both the short and the long version consist of two parts. The former part of the short version consists of an introductory round. The former and the latter part of the long version differ in the amount of information that is public. The latter parts of both versions are equal.

In order to play the game you need:

  • decide whether to play the short or (preferably) long version
  • 1/2 hour of preparation, 1 (short version) or 3 (long version) hour play time (including final evaluation) and 1/2 hour to clean up, so 2 - 5 hours in total
  • 6 - 16 players
  • 2 game masters
  • a room to play the game, around 100 m^2
  • only for the long version: a compter running a java runtime environment (JRE)
  • materials
  • for preparation: zip file

You can either make the materials yourself using the listing in the zip file or borrow the materials.
The zip file contains several supporting documents including a description of the game, a listing of all materials needed,  files that need to be printed for use during the game and the application to support the IT-manager during the first part of the long version.

In order to play the game have a look at the structure of the game, download the zip and

  • follow the instructions in:
    • 2-game-master/0-preparation/game-master-preparation.ppt
  • using the files mentioned in:
    • 1-general/manual.xls.