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IT-governance game old

The home of the IT-governance game has moved here

Beneath is the previousversion of the home of the IT-governance game.

The IT-governance game is an awareness game aimed at making the players of the game aware of our belief that IT-governance is the most critcal success factor for IT-architecture.

The IT-governance game is intended to be open source and freely available under the GNU public license.

The IT-governance game was developed by Charley Hofman (Ordina.nl), Michiel Kamminga (InContext.nl) and Jeroen J van Beele. The initiative originated from the IT-governance working group of the Nederlands Architectuur Forum.

An introduction to the ideas behind the IT-governance game (viz. the game theoretic paradigm of the tragedy of the commons) can be found in the belevenisdefinitie van IT-governance (in dutch).

Attention: this site is still under construction. At the moment only enough material is present to play the IT-governance game

  • in version 6
  • extended
  • with 4 business units
  • without the optional development and maintenance investments